This wine is responsible for refloating a traditional Chilean vine, with a perfect blend of Pais and Carignan, which delivers flavors and sensations without equal.

Harvest notes

Season 2015-2016 was a year with lower production, owing to many climatic factors. First the thermic average for the winter was high and the spring was cold, generating a delay for the sprout, retarding all the vegetative process in the season, the summer was very cold also. All these conditions gives to the vineyards in Alquihue, San Javier a long delay on the harvest date allowing not being affected by the rain falls during 14-17 April. We harvest a healthy vineyard due to the good ventilation on the vineyard in the 2 first week of May. All these gives to the zone a low production year, but offering a grape with high standards quality.

D.O.: Maule
Color: Ruby Red
Varieties: Pais 85%, Carignan 15%
Alcohol: 13,4°
PH/ Acidity: 3.63/4.57
Residual sugar: 1,7gr/lt


These grapes grow and mature in vineyards planted in circular terraces, on granite and slate stone floors, with northeast exposure and under strict vineyard management.
Vineyard age: 24 years.
Aged: Pais – Stainless Steel tank. Carignan – 12 months in french oak barrels


Manually harvested over the first days of April in small cases of 12 kg . Fermented in small Inox tanks with native yeast. Daily gentle punch downs made by hand helped to keep the cap moist during the alcoholic fermentation in a temperature of 24°C up to 26°C during 22 up to 25 days. It is aged in french oak barrels of second use for over 12 months. After the malolactic fermentation the wine it is saved for a year looking forward for more structure, elegance and complexity.