Sauvignon Blanc – 6 bottles box

/Sauvignon Blanc – 6 bottles box

Sauvignon Blanc – 6 bottles box

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The Sauvignon Blanc of Las Veletas comes to crown a line of top quality wines, with a fresher variety than its red similes.


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Harvest notes

Season 2016-2017 was a low production year. The low temperatures of frost during September and October make a delay in to the sprout, that helpfully allowed the vineyard to be not affected by the high temperatures in January and February.

Protected denomination of origin: maule
Color: Light Green Yellow
Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 13,4°
PH/ Acidity: 3.18/4.34
Residual Sugar: 1,15gr/lt


The vines grow and ripe planted in circular terraces over granitic and slate soils, all the vineyard is planted with north east sun exposition, under a very strict care of the vineyards.
Age of the vineyard: 24 years.
Aging: Stainless Steel tank

The making

Harvested manually over the first days of April in small cases of 12 kg . Fermented in small Inox tanks with native yeast. Daily gentle punch downs made by hand helped to keep the cap moist during the alcoholic fermentation in a temperature of 24°C up to 26°C during 22 up to 25 days. It is aged in french oak barrels of second use for over 12 months. After the malolactic fermentation the wine it is saved for a year looking forward for more structure, elegance and complexity.